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Rent a catamaran in Ibiza with skipper

Renting a catamaran in Ibiza with skipper is the most popular option, since with it you will ensure your peace of mind and enjoyment during your stay on board, in addition to delegating the responsibility of the same in the pattern.

The skipper, always discreet and attentive to your preferences, will suggest the best route and will take care of all the management and handling of the boat, ensuring its safety at all times.

All our clients have found the figure of the skipper indispensable during their stay on board, thus being able to visit places that they would not have been able to reach otherwise.
All our skippers are knowledgeable about all the corners of lbiza and Formentera where they will be happy to take you.
Another of its virtues and no less important is its ability to maneuver the boat, which will allow you to always be anchored on the beachfront. The image above perfectly depicts this, the photograph is taken from our catamaran in August on one of the beaches of Formentera with dozens of boats anchored in our stern, notice the difference in the views of this from having a multitude of boats on the bow that also They complicate the task of getting to the beach.

Renting a catamaran in Ibiza with a skipper is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the experience of sailing and the navigation of the boat. By having a skipper on board, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings without worrying about the safety and maneuvers of the boat.
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Skipper hiring costs

Skipper costs in Ibiza and Formentera range between 200-300 Euros/day.
The skipper maintenance is not included so we have to take into account that we will have to cover its costs.